Hello friends
Covid-19 virus is a global problem.
We come to be a part in solving problems.
If we only wait for the government, it is not enough.
Today, this problem is closer to us than we think.
Together to protect the world together.

HackaCovid-19 Project
Will be a technology driven project
We will devote everything we have to survive this problem.
Whether it's manpower, money, time, everything we can
We are looking for people who are ready to act together.
From a small force to come together to create In order for the world to use the software necessary to prevent Covid-19 viruses.


  • Project Leader / Scrum Master
  •  SA 
  • Programmer Frontend , Reactjs , VueJs, AngularJs 
  • Programmer API , .net , java ,other 
  • UX, UI , Design

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$500 in prizes


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Peter Ritthaphrom

Peter Ritthaphrom

Judging Criteria

  • Software support covid-19
    - The application support telemedicene - tracking people - Sovle the problem for Covid-19

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